Parthenope Earrings with Jade – 18K Gold Plated


Partenope was a siren mermaid who fell in love with the sailor Odysseus, and, upon being rejected, threw herself into the sea. Legend has it that she washed ashore in southern Italy, in what is today known as the city of Naples. She lends this metropolis her name, as an alternative way that locals refer to this ancient town.

Partenope is also said to have quenched the fires of Vesuvius with water from her breasts. She is identified with being a creative, competitive and wild influence. Having been born from the blood-drops of Achelous the river God, later in life she was so confident in her musical abilities that she confronted the muses, challenging them to a musical duel and losing only because the muses are undefeatable as the source of all creativity. Partenope’s image brings courage, creativity, pure beauty in all its natural forms, and unleashes within the wearer a boldness that is characteristic of the mermaid herself.

The earrings are set with freshwater pearls.









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